2013 IRS Refund Schedule

2013 IRS Refund Schedule

If you want your 2013 IRS refund as quickly as possible, do these things:

  1. file your federal income tax return electronically
  2. choose direct deposit for your IRS refund
  3. check for typos and math errors (or use tax prep software, it checks these things for you)
  4. make sure you’ve entered all your sources of income (don’t leave out any 1099s or W2s)

No More Refund Schedule: Now it’s the Refund Tracker

In other words, going paperless all around is the way to get your fastest IRS refund.  According to the IRS, your refund used to come in as little as ten days when you file electronically and choose direct deposit.  But the general rule now is to wait 21 days.  The ten day refund schedule no longer exists as of 2013.  In fact, there is no longer an IRS refund schedule.  If you want an idea of when you’ll receive your IRS refund, the new way is to use the IRS refund tracker, here. 

In the past, the IRS sent your direct deposit about one week after they accepted your return.  Acceptance date is by 11 am on the date, or next day if the return is accepted after 11am.  Now, however, it takes much longer.  The general rule of thumb is 21 days after acceptance.  And that’s if you submitted electronically and chose direct deposit.  Like before, paper tax returns and mailed paper checks slow down the whole process, from filing your tax return to receiving your IRS refund.

Another Step in the Refund Process

After the IRS sends the direct deposit it can then take a few days for your bank to process the deposit and make it available to you.  This can add up to three days to the amount of time it takes for your IRS refund to become available to you.  The IRS cannot control how your bank operates, so if you use the IRS refund tracker to discover that your refund has been sent and you don’t see it in your bank account, ask your bank.  Don’t ask the IRS until you’ve asked your bank what is happening.  Chances are they’re following due process and holding it a few days before it becomes available to you, much like a paper check which takes a few days to clear as well.